Best Roofing Blogs To Follow

Keeping up with the latest roofing trends and information can help you grow your business and maintain a competitive edge over your competitors. However, you could be wondering where to get credible information that you can use to your advantage. We recommend you follow several roofing blogs we have covered below.

Roofing contractor magazine

Roofing contractor is an online magazine that covers numerous topics about commercial, residential, and industrial roofing in North America. Their roofing blogs and magazine provide roofing contractors with useful information that they can use to grow their businesses. You can  get roofing marketing ideas and roofing statistics.

Some of the useful insights you can get from their blogs include cost-friendly ways of acquiring roofing leads, how drones can help inspect roofs, why green roofing solutions are important, etc.

The magazine also covers the latest news and trends that can help roofing contractors and technicians keep up with the constantly evolving industry. For instance, they share information about sustainable roofing options, and how to manage a younger workforce effectively among other interesting topics.

You should consider following their page to discover more opportunities in your niche that you can use to your advantage. Roofing Contractor also profiles roofing companies which can provide you with an opportunity to study your competitors’ strategies and identify ways to improve your business.

Choice roof contractor group blog

This is a roofing blog created by a group of contractors nationwide with commercial roofing expertise and knowledge. This blog is particularly helpful and interesting because it combines the skills and knowledge of multiple roofing contractors in the US. The blog is regularly updated and can provide commercial roofing contractors with insights to boost their companies’ performance.

The Choice Roof Contractor Group Blog educates roofing contractors on different topics such as different OSHA violations and how roofers can try to minimize these violations. The blog also covers different roofing statistics and how they can use them to create positive changes in the roofing industry. For instance, they cover roofing safety and the steps that can be taken to ensure roofers’ safety.

Following this page can keep you updated on the latest trends and help you connect with other contractors. Exchanging ideas and knowledge can help you grow your roofing company and even get some blogging ideas yourself.

Roofing insights magazine

Roofing insights magazine is a renowned roofers’ magazine and roofing blogs website based in the US that covers various interesting and insightful topics about the roofing industry. The magazine provides information about successful roofing companies which can help roofing technicians adopt some ideas for their businesses.

For instance, you can get information about how certain industry leaders are increasing profits and growing their businesses. The magazine also covers product reviews that can help you discover the best roofing products in the market that you can recommend to your clients. The magazine keeps roofing contractors updated on the latest roofing materials and trends.

From this magazine you can learn more about Customer Relationship Management and how you can utilize it to improve your relationship with clients. You can follow this publisher online to keep up with the latest industry news. You can also get inspiration from large players in the industry.

Roofing magazine

Roofing magazine formerly known as Carolinas roofing is a nationwide roofing magazine that provides information concerning several aspects of the roofing industry such as the installation, replacement, and maintenance of different roofing systems.

The magazine also covers the latest news and updates in the roofing industry. For instance, you can learn about how current affairs can impact the roofing industry through their roofing blogs. Keeping up with such updates can help roofing contractors brace themselves for any major changes that could happen in the future.

Roofing magazine also educates roofers about topics such as how insulated roofing can increase energy efficiency. The magazine also covers topics on labor shortages which you can use to your advantage by actively looking for more customers and covering more roofing projects. Roofing contractors should consider following this publisher to get more ideas for growing their businesses.

Roof Scoop Blog

This is the National Roofing Contractors Association blog that publishes news and blogs relevant to the roofing industry in the US. Although the blog is not regularly updated, you can get useful information that can help you grow your business.

For instance, the Roof Scoop blog educates roofing contractors on how they can get more customers by offering free roofing inspections. You can get a few ideas from this piece that can help you convert more leads into customers.

Their roofing blogs also provides information on how other roofing companies fund local and charity events. This can drive roofing contractors to engage their local communities more and build their reputation. Consider subscribing to this blog to learn about different roofing topics and get ideas that can help you grow your business.

Western Roofing magazine

This magazine is based in the Western states of the US and is used as the official publication site of the Western States Roofing Contractors Association. The magazine mostly provides information based on several roofing aspects like:

  • Roofing
  • Insulation
  • Siding

The magazine educates roofers on how to properly install and insulate roofing systems. You can also learn about different roofing designs from this magazine. For instance, the magazine provides information about the growing market of steep-sloped roofs in the Western States.

Western roofing magazine also publishes the latest roofing trends and news happening in the Western States. For instance, the magazine covers different tool reviews that you can use when conducting roof installments, repairs, maintenance, etc.

From this magazine, roofing contractors can get ideas that they can incorporate into their businesses. For instance, you can adopt a tool that can make your work a lot easier and increase your productivity. You can also keep up with the latest updates in your industry and identify more roofing opportunities.

Roofing Journal

Roofing journal is a US-based publication that covers roofing news and the recent trends and updates in the roofing industry. The journal provides information about the roofing market statistics and analysis. For instance, you can find reports about the metal roofing market, commercial roof repair, etc.

The journal also covers different topics about DIY roofing, roof repair, roof financing, etc. Roofing contractors can get information about current marketing statistics and the aspects that can influence future market growth.

Roofing contractors can get up-to-date information that can help them identify marketing opportunities in their niche. For instance, you can acquire information about the commercial roofing market and gain insight into what your competitors are doing. Such information can help you come up with strategies that can help you take advantage of the evolving market.

You should consider following this page to identify roofing opportunities and get ideas on how you can grow your roofing business. For instance, the Roofing Journal covers information about market growth in metal roofing. You can take advantage of this information to repurpose your services to invest more in metal roofing.

The roofing journal also provides information about different roofing companies. You can gain insight into their strategies and devise better strategies that can help grow your roofing business.

Architect magazine

Architect magazine covers different roofing architectural designs in North America. The magazine covers the latest architectural roofing designs and trends. For instance, the magazine provides information about sustainable roofing designs like metal Leeds, Oak-finished roofs, etc.

The magazine also provides the latest information about different topics like the increased demand for metal roofing in the US. This information can provide roofing contractors with opportunities to invest in metal roofing and potentially grow their businesses.

From Architect magazine, roofing contractors can also get information about metal roofing systems like standing seam metal roofing, metal shingles, and other roofing products.

You can read the latest news and updates to keep up with the changing roofing trends. You can also get opportunities to invest in green roofing technologies that can make your business stand out from that of your competitors.

New information about new roofing designs can help you improve your roofing skills and stay relevant in the roofing industry. For instance, new designs can prompt you to improve your roofing skills and target customers who need new roofing designs.

Living Architecture Monitor Magazine.

This journal covers sustainable roofing solutions to encourage the adoption of green roofing in the US. The journal covers aspects such as the proper designing, installation, and maintenance of green roofs.

Living Architecture Monitor Magazine presents useful green roofing ideas from various architecture experts. Roofing contractors can use this information to adopt green roofing technologies and acquire more customers in need of green roofing solutions.

The journal covers different green roofing topics such as the benefits of green roofing and the impact it has on a city like Rotterdam. You can also get information about different facilities that have adopted green roofing technologies.

This journal can encourage roofing contractors to invest in sustainable roofing systems. You can also keep up with the different green roofing designs and acquire ideas to invest in green roofing solutions.

Roofers coffee shop

Roofers Coffee Shop is a magazine that publishes information based on ideas from different roofing experts. The magazine presents a space where roofing contractors can network, share ideas and promote growth in the roofing industry.

This publication also provides useful information to roofing contractors that can help them grow their businesses. The publication is reputable and well renowned. Roofers Coffee shop has acquired several awards in the roofing industry. This forum helps roofers identify the latest roofing trends, that can help them gain the necessary knowledge required for the evolving industry. For instance, they cover news topics such as how metal roofing improves the aesthetic appeal of a home.

The journal also provides you with useful information that you can use to avoid some of the roofing challenges in the industry. For example, the journal covers how you can avoid supply chain disruptions with digital ordering.

You can also discover the latest roofing materials in the market and how you can utilize them to meet the demand of clients who require these materials. You can also effectively advise your clients on the latest or most durable roofing materials for their projects by reading these publications.

The publication also covers roofing materials that can help increase productivity for roofing contractors. This journal can help you implement new strategies into your roofing business by providing high-quality roofing materials to your clients while increasing productivity.

GAF Blog

This is a roofing blog created by one of North America’s manufacturers of roofing materials. This blog helps roofing contractors get information about the best and latest roofing materials in the roofing industry. You can learn about both commercial and residential roofing materials and products from this blog.

GAF Blog also embraces diversity and gender inclusivity in the roofing industry by encouraging female roofers to join the roofing industry. You can get information about roofing materials that help you save time and in turn, increase productivity.

The blog also covers other topics such as how to prepare your roof for roof storms, current roofing trends, how to deal with your roof after a snow storm, etc. these topics can help you improve your roofing services and give better advice to homeowners. Homeowners could in turn view you as a thought leader and become loyal to your brand.

The publication also addresses how partnerships can help you grow your commercial roofing business. You should consider subscribing to this blog to get useful ideas that you can incorporate into your roofing business. By keeping up with the latest roofing technologies, you can maintain a competitive edge over your competitors and satisfy your customers’ needs better. You can also identify other opportunities in your niche and utilize them to provide good customer service to your clients.

Roofing Today magazine

Roofing today is a magazine based in Britain that is updated regularly to provide roofing contractors with the latest industry news and product information. This forum is an authoritative and reputable publishing forum that is trusted by roofing contractors and educational experts.

The latest updates and news are emailed every week to its readers informing them of the latest products, roofing products, and influencers in the roofing industry. The publication has over a century’s experience in the roofing industry’s news coverage which can help you gain insights into important information that you can use to grow your roofing business.

You can get information about the latest sustainable roofing solutions that you can incorporate into your business. The publication also offers solutions to roofing challenges like labor shortages that you can use to stay ahead of your competitors.

Roofing blogs can help you understand the current happenings of the roofing industry and how you can utilize them to the advantage of your roofing business. Magazines like the Roof Scoop Blog, Roofing Contractor, and others can provide you with relevant roofing information. If you require more assistance, get in touch with us today.