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About Roofing Content Marketing Experts

We are professional roofing marketing, content marketing strategists and creators

We are your natural home for all roofing company content and content writing agency. Our team consists of certified content marketing experts, professional writers, roofing social media post designers, industry enthusiasts, search engine marketing content creators, graphic designers, and video editors.

For over the last 10 years, we have served companies here and abroad, including over 100 roofing companies in the United States, 27 in the UK, 21 in Canada, and 12 in Australia.

We have a team of in-house roofing content experts. Hence, we do not outsource or subcontract projects. Once you hire us, you hire us as a package. We handle all content marketing projects including but not limited to planning, creating, optimizing, publishing, and promoting content for roofing companies.

We have worked in content marketing with some of the most iconic brands in the roofing industry bringing the best out of their marketing and branding campaigns.

Over the years, we have perfected a content marketing formula that is proven to rank, outlast and outshine the competition, and nurture leads into buyers.

If you want a roofing lead generation partner, we are the team to work with. We only work with roofing companies, small and big, that are ready for an integrative content approach. Not companies that want to order a blog here and another there, or a social media post here, most of which don’t bring any meaningful results in their marketing campaigns.

We offer the following roofing content services

A good content marketing campaign starts with a good content strategy. One that identifies the keywords, and finds ways to introduce search queries right from the landing page. Our package includes a home page, about us, contact us, services pages, portfolio and case studies, and landing pages.

We understand that great blogging requires blog ideas, blog formulas, quality research, perfect writing, link and data addition, and consistency. Roofing Contents offers both one-off and subscription blog packages of all lengths, depths, and technical levels. We do informational, educational, commercial, and sales leads-based blogs.

Today, social media’s impact on marketing is immense. Getting it right with the type of content you create, how you create it, and the distribution is determining the return on investment. You must work with the best in planning, research, creation, and distribution for text, graphic design, picture editing, and a combination of all the above.

Roofing Video

We provide video editing solutions for YouTube and social media including scripts and transcription. Today, video marketing is changing how we consume information. Educative videos turn your audience into valuable future leads. We curate all types of videos adding intros, outros, subtitles, transcriptions, and captions.

GMB profile content

Google my business gives you free leads through Google maps and my business listings. This includes the curation of project pictures and portfolios, meta descriptions, tagging, and much more. We also help manage profiles by adding images to ongoing projects, adding captions and tags, adding keywords, and creating content around videos and images.


We also design and commission information graphics for you, including research and graphics design. Our team designs digital fliers and other informational content that you need combining images graphics, and text content. We also turn blogs into short stories and highlights for social media such as Pinterest, and Instagram.

Our Roofing Content Marketing Process

Why Choose Roofing Contents for Your Roofing Marketing?

We use the same content marketing blueprint we sell you to sell our company. If you were able to find us, your prospects will find you. You will be buying these and more from a company that has a proven formula.

Five Point Roofing Content Marketing Approach


Every business needs to identify its goals and devise a way of how to achieve them. Fine tune your goals towards interest, engagement, lead generation, conversion, and growth hacking goals.

Strategy Formulation


Research for content, search queries research, roofing content writing, design, editing, video curation, and social media posts are all part of content creation. Only the best makes sense in content creation.

Content Creation

Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization in content is imperative because it determines how search engines process the information published on the web. It includes keywords and phrases, links distribution, readability, and quality.

Search Engine Optimization


Choice of publishing platforms, calendar of when to post, scheduling of posts and keeping track of all these has an impact on the success of your campaign. It is important to target channels that your prospects use.

Content Publishing


Both paid and organic content promotion options can be used. In paid, you can promote posts on social media or promote the business itself. You can share or cross-promote across channels, too.

Content Promotion

How Can We Help Today?

Talk to us for your roofing marketing. Our experts are here to help.

Why Other Roofing Companies Are Choosing Us?

Our Research-Based Content

Keywords, SEO, audience, and competitor research are our core pillars.

Our Roofing Content Experts

We are not freelancers. We do content development every day.

Roofing Marketing One-Stop Shop

Fully managed content for graphics, blogs, and website content.

Affordable Roofing Marketing Services

Best value for money and transparent pricing for your campaigns.

24/7 Support

We are available throughout to support all your content needs.

Dedicated Roofing Content Manager

All your projects are coordinated from one point at no fee.

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Buy Our 6-Month Roofing Content Marketing Package

All you need to begin your roofing marketing campaign, including a content strategy, content calendar, audit, scheduling, and publishing. For all your blogs and social media content, this is the package.

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