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Social media is proving to be a beast when it comes to pushing brands through growth and profitability. Most companies report that social media does not have any returns on investment. The reason behind this is that most don’t do roofing social media posts professionally.

They do not take time to strategize on how best to handle their social media marketing. So, their campaigns often face challenges every step of the way from launching to tracking performance.

Social media marketing is one part of a bigger marketing project that may include website marketing, social media, paid campaigns, and offline branding and promotions.

You utilize all advertising ideas and marketing ideas. Social media plays and important role in gelling your campaigns together.

Roofing Contents got your back!

You are here because of these and many more questions:

What can social media marketing do for my company?

Is social media marketing possible for my company?

How do I start social media marketing? Where do you start?

What is included in a social media marketing campaign?

What types of social media marketing can work for me?

We help you answer these and many more questions. When it comes to the types of social media marketing we do include content creation, reviews, paid social media promotion, ad campaigns, community building and engagement, and forums.

Here are our social media content marketing services:

  • Accounts setup and optimization
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Social media calendar
  • Content creation and writing
  • Graphic designs
  • Social media content SEO
  • Marketing mix
  • Publishing and scheduling
  • Promotion
  • Management
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Pillars of good social media content marketing:

  • Strategy
  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Engagement
  • Tracking
  • Continuous improvement

We help you overcome the top challenges facing companies when it comes to social media content marketing.

Social media platforms we are running:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Tiktok
  • Instagram

Some of the problems we solve for you include:

  • Marketing goal setting
  • Choice of platforms and contents
  • Target audience persona
  • Content optimization
  • Distribution
  • Paid campaigns

Most roofing company owners think like you. They know that social media has great potential, but they will not execute it well. They will try, but they will not have the strategy. Those that have one will lack the quality. Those that have quality will lack consistency. Those that have consistency will have engagement and sense of purpose. And those that have all that will lack tracking and continuous improvement.

Along this lead generation journey, you will find varying levels of success. We are here to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly at all times. Every step of the way, we are doing everything on your behalf.

We offer convenient, fully-managed, and smooth-flowing marketing campaigns that help you nurture high-value clients. We have proven campaigns that generate roofing repair calls, roofing installation jobs, roof replacements lead, and roof inspections.

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