Roofing Website content

What is website content?

Any content written, recorded, or curated to expound on your product offerings, benefits, services, or any other company information. It includes:

  • About us page or who we are page or what we do page
  • Home page or landing page
  • Services or products pages
  • Case studies and portfolio pages
  • Reviews pages
  • Legal pages
  • Our story page
  • Pricing page
  • Contact us page
  • FAQs page

The goal of writing and optimizing website content is to ensure that customers have complete information about you, your product or service offerings, and anything else they need to know before they make a purchase.

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Your Roofing Website Content Needs To Have The Following Pillars For It To Deliver Results:

Inform and educate your prospects

Website content has aspects of the full funnel. It has awareness, interest, discovery, consideration, buying, and support. Both top and bottom of the funnel content are required to truly capture value.

In that case, web copy should be able to inform and educate the audience, more so about your company, your product, your processes, your product features, and your benefits.

Good website content is important for advertising, especially for landing pages.


It has to talk to the audience. When the audience is technical, it should appreciate the industry and topical presentation. If the audience is general, it should meet general readability and usability standards.

Meet roofing SEO marketing standards

The belief that website content has no SEO value is long gone. Website content is the mother content, through which everything else draws life, including your roofing blogs and social media.

The home page carries the domain rank or domain rating or domain equity. Services pages draw their rankings from the domain and home page. If the services pages do not introduce the cornerstone pages, topics, and primary or industry keywords, the content will not have achieved its purpose.

Web copies must meet the highest level of search engine compliance. It has to be original, professionally done and optimized accordingly.

Precise and logically organized

You have to look at the website copy as a journey that the prospect has to complete. Where do they start? Where do they go from there? What is the end game?

Website copies follow a logical flow of who are you. What do you offer? Why should prospect care? Why you? Are there others who care? What do they expect from you? When? How? So what?

If done well, your copy should answer most of the questions that a typical prospect would ask. Whatever is left, goes to the FAQs section. That is how to complete website content should be. This is because it is the starting point of a good marketing campaign.

How we do it

As a content marketing experts, we understand the process, the customers, and the task ahead. From research to optimization, we have all the tools and skills to develop content that truly speaks to your customer.

We help you communicate at the same wavelength as the prospect right from the time they decide to make an online query until they make a purchase. At Roofing Contents, we know what makes them want to come to you. We also understand why they want your services. If we know all that, what is left? The skillset, experience, and tools to deliver high-converting web pages for your business website.

We are your perfect companion for all your lead generation efforts,

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